Welcome to Om Tribe! This company was created on the grounds that everyone needs an escape from their daily grind and everyone, not just yoga practitioners, can benefit from the magic of yoga. Traditionally, yoga and meditation were practiced in more natural solitude, in the woods or on a mountain top, and we try to best recreate that scene in NYC daily. Om Tribe is aiming to get closer to what the ancient yogis experienced when they sat down on their mats by taking you on a physical journey that's far from honking horns and smog, as well as a spiritual journey that brings all of us closer to ourselves. Since 2014, co-founders Randi Cerini and Erica Chen have been teaching, assisting, and attending international and domestic yoga retreats and they can't wait to share their experiences and knowledge while spreading the travel bug to you. Join the Tribe as we embark on our next journey to Arizona, October 9-13, 2019! All details are on the Retreats page. 


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