Who we are

To us, the sound of Om puts us all on the same plane, the same starting line. It is a clearing of space, the sound of the creation of the universe, a sound that brings us all together. The word Tribe is for community, for friends turned into family. At Om Tribe Yoga Retreats, we believe that anyone, yogis and non-yogis alike, can come together and join our community of like minded individuals, one retreat at a time. By taking a step back from the daily grind, traveling to an exotic place, exploring the culture, and finding peace in your yoga practice, you'll find yourself taking a path back to yourself. 


What we do

It's pretty simple for us - we want to have fun, travel, and do yoga. We create an atmosphere that is uplifting and exciting (or sometimes super relaxed.. when we just need to chill out!) and give our students the tools to deepen their yoga practice, both physically and mentally. We strongly believe that in order to reconnect more with ourselves and others, that we need to disconnect from electronics and social media. When we immerse ourselves into a different culture or environment, we not only learn about that culture, but learn more about who we are as individuals. 


Tribe Leaders

Randi Cerini

Movement and dance have always been part of Randi's life. She began dancing as a toddler and continued to dance, perform, and choreograph through college and after. She moved to New York City to continue her focus on dance and movement and found that yoga was not only something she loved to practice, but it also helped reduce foot pain she had developed from years of dancing. This "aha" moment inspired her to become a yoga teacher so she could help others cope with physical injuries, mental and emotional struggles, or just find clarity and groundedness after a hectic New York day. Randi teaches various styles of yoga including vinyasa, hatha, Katonah, restorative, and prenatal. She regularly teaches public classes, private clients and on international yoga retreats. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training and mentorship program in 2014 and 2015 at Yoga Vida in Manhattan, and 50 hours of training with Abbie Galvin and Alex Sharry at Katonah Yoga in Manhattan.

Randi's teaching style largely focuses on helping students find proper alignment before moving deeper into a posture or state of meditation. Her sequences are challenging for students of all levels yet attainable for new students, as she provides many variations for the postures as well as hands-on assists. Randi is constantly inspired by the teachers and students she encounters in New York and the worldwide yoga community.

Erica Chen

Erica Chen has had a passion for movement since she can remember. A Florida native, she began to train in dance at a young age, in various styles and classical techniques. She graduated from Florida State University with a BFA in Dance, where she studied different mediums of movement and fell in love with yoga. But, it wasn't until she moved to New York that she deepened her practice and found that yoga is what keeps her centered not only amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, but in her own body, mind, and life. Erica has achieved her 200 RYT certification, as well as completed her mentorship under Lindsay Hilscher through Yoga Vida NYC. She has also completed her prenatal certification through Ishta Yoga, and 100 hours of training of the katonah yoga method under Abbie Galvin at The Studio in Manhattan. Erica also helps to lead the 200 hour training at Yoga Vida and is a mentor in their mentorship program.

Erica hopes to fuse her love of different movement techniques to create an energetic, challenging and seamless flow during her classes. With a strong belief in yoga being accessible to everyone, Erica gives many modifications and variations, hands on adjustments, and alignment based cues to help the entirety of the class breathe together and move together.